The I-love-you-forever love.

The Love-Hate kind of love.

The I-hate-you-the-most love.

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To the intelligent; to the beautiful; to the kindest; to the talented; to the sexy; to the creative; to the passionate; to the dreamer; to the doer; to the clever; to the imaginative; to someone who’s got ear for good music; to the dancer; to the singer; to the writer; to someone who’s into sports; to the career-woman; to someone who’s good in cooking and/or baking…

To those women who’s perfect and to those who’s not perfect but made up their minds to pursue greater things, I will never win, because I’m neither.

It is in knowing that comes loving. You cannot love a person that you don’t know.
Fr. Ziggy    
It’s just that I don’t want to be somebody’s crush. If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am. And I don’t want them to carry it around inside. I want them to show me, so I can feel it too.
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (via loganlermanoc)    

AHAHAHA!!! This is me!

- Ally, What’s Your Number