An authentic one…which is made out of authentic Korean cloth….and be groomed as such lady from Joseon era.  Hair all swept out of your face, beautifully braided at the back..with matching 댕기 or some simple hair ornament. With that 노리개 pendant attached to the hanbok to give a pleasant look to the entire outfit. With that traditional shoes also.

Insadong. If that would be the place to have a little photoshoot wearing such colorful and beautiful traditional clothing, I would get there. I would be there. Someday, somehow.

Finally. Made/edited my own bucket list. I need to, because I’ve sent some requests to a few bucketlist tumblr accounts, but they haven’t made one, obviously. LOL! And because this has always been (or maybe from the day I got a glimpse of it) in the list. 

"Hanbok" so close with the word "Haengbok", happiness. I hope when that day comes and I got to wear this, I am happy. Genuinely happy. 

*Disclaimer: Picture is not mine.

Haven’t done anything yet that’s school related except for sending the Thesis survey questionnaire to Mama for reproduction, but is here to post some random stuff. Wahohohoho. 

I WANT MY OWN ROOM, OKAAAAAY? Before getting married (LOOOOL). A room where I can be free and artistic and productive and yeah all that shit. A room I can managed all by myself (in cleaning, arranging things). Designed like these or similar to these. Stairs-going-somewhere or to study area, mini library, bed overlooking the sky/nature, bulletin board or area where I can post pictures or memorable things/papers, own mini cabinets and a closet, yeah those little details. Nyaoooo~ When will I have thee, own room? Or hopefully, own dream house?

…with my future husband. I hope that would be one of our sweetest moments together. :”>

Seriously. I don’t know when, where, or even HOW in the first place. But I really want to, one way or the other. But given I don’t fit any requirement, better luck next  lifetime, Kharren.